Kelsie and Tucker: Love that was Written in the Stars


Kelsie and Tucker have a crazy love story.  I’ve actually known Kelsie for a little bit and met her at a Bible study at a home where her (at the time unknown to us all) in-laws hosted.  The Dunns (Tucker’s family) and the Harpers (Kelsie’s family) have actually been long time family friends for generations! As I was told, Kelsie and Tucker actually played together when they were really little but life, school, etc kept them apart for awhile and they kept missing each other during family function. Until finally they met and dated a few years ago and in that moment it was clear to them both that they were meant to be and an engagement and getting married was a no brainer.  Two families’ dream to have this union to happen did and they couldn’t be more thrilled for this sweet couple.  I have yet to meet Tucker still, but knowing Kelsie and Rick & Mary Beth (Tucker’s parents) I know he is an amazing guy for this special and beautiful lady! I honestly couldn’t be happier for you both! Here are some beautiful images from their wedding day! It was such a blessing to be a part of their day through florals!



Jane and Kevin: San Diego Backyard wedding


When I first met Jane, I immediately loved her gentle spirit and kind heart.  The more we talked about floral decor, the more I realized how much she just trusted me to just do my thing because all she had on her mind was being married to her love. I do love working with brides who have every detail of their wedding day planned to the T, but there’s something so special about being the visionary for the bride and surprising her on her wedding day with florals that are better than she had dreamt of.  Of course Jane had an idea and expectation of what I was creating for her, but I wanted to do more for this sweet bride! She was so sweet and gracious in the whole process and it was an honor and delight to have been apart of their wedding day through florals! My favorite part was when I was setting up for her reception, she had snuck away from the pictures and guests to come see the magic of the set up during the cocktail hour. She just stood there looking so elegant and stunning, and just gazed at everything come together for hers and Kevin’s special day. Here’s a little snippet of their stunning backyard wedding.



Katy and Matt: Sunny Blue Skies at the Admiral Kidd Club


I am so excited to share Katy and Matt’s gorgeous wedding! It was nothing but joy, laughter, calm nerves and bliss from the moment I dropped off Katy’s personal flowers at her sister’s home where she was getting ready.  Let me start off by telling you a little bit about Katy….

This girl is all smiles! She was so calm and relaxed at all of our meets and her sisters who were her bridesmaids wanted flower crowns to wear at her wedding and she totally said YES! I don’t get a lot of brides who let their bridesmaids stand out a little, because after all, it’s the bride’s day right? But Katy wanted to make sure her sisters enjoyed the day as much as she did.  I think that says a lot about who Katy is. And Matt…this guy is hilarious! I learned that he lived in a submarine while being deployed with the Navy. I’m a bit claustrophobic and I get seasick pretty easily so I was just amazed how anyone can live on a submarine! And it sounds so cool!! I met him at our final consultation and enjoyed hearing his opinion on a few floral decors. I rarely get to meet the groom because let’s be honest, most of them would much rather talk about sports than flowers and seeing the dollar signs that come with floral arrangements give men anxiety.  However, Matt and Katy both understood and respected my field of work and they were so easy to work with! It was a joy to “floralize” their wedding day and I hope you enjoy these pictures of their stunning wedding!


Smith_Wedding_2Aren’t Katy’s sisters so beautiful?! And I just love the flower crowns that I made on them!