Sarah and Michael: Thursday Club, San Diego


I’m so thrilled to share this rich and romantic wedding held at the North Chapel in Point Loma and reception at the Thursday Club that overlooks the ocean. ¬†Can you ask for a more dreamy¬†wedding? The shades of plum gave the wedding a luxurious touch but having it at the Thursday Club gave it that airy and vintage touch as well. Sarah and Michael are such a stunning couple and I’m so thrilled to share a small piece of their special day! Special thanks to my friend Garrett Richardson, one of the photographers from Clove and Kin for taking these stunning photos! It’s always a dream to work with great artists!




Tim & Sheena: Vintage Aviation Inspired Theme


I am so thrilled to finally be blogging about this wedding! Tim and Sheena are long time friends to my husband and I and we just love and adore them! AND we are so happy to finally see them hitched! This wedding was perfect in more ways than one, but don’t let me sway you…just see for yourself! I loved the classy color choices of navy, different metallics, and a touch of blush. Everything came together beautifully!


DIY: Glitter Ombre Champagne Bottle


What’s not fun about a sparkly, glitzy, glam bottle of champagne? It makes a perfect hostess gift, present, and decor! And the best part…it takes only 10 minutes (if that!).

What you need:

-bottle of champagne of choice or sparkling cider

-2 different kinds of glitter (I used a white iridescent and silver)

-3M adhesive spray

-spray paint (I chose white to match the white iridescent glitter)

-finishing spray



1.spray paint the bottle. Let dry.

2. spray the bottom third of the bottle with the adhesive spray with one of the chosen glitter (in my case, I used silver as the base).

3. Mix a little bit of the 2 glitter colors together to create the ombre effect.

4. Spray the middle portion of the bottle with adhesive spray and sprinkle the mixed glitter on.

5. Spray the top portion of the bottle and drizzle the other glitter but not covering where the opening of the bottle would be.

6. Finally spray the entire bottle with finishing spray so the glitter doesn’t get everywhere!

7. Voila! Done! And a boring bottle turned into something fabulous!!

Glitter Champagne

Glitter Champagne