Jewel Tones is the New Thanksgiving Colors

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This month I was asked to collaborate with Susanna who is one of the 2 sisters of 4 Corners International Interior Design. She was featured on a morning segment on FOX 5 San Diego where she also gave me an awesome shout out! If you missed the segment, it’s on my Facebook page where I tried to record it with my phone but it cut of because I ran out of memory space due to taking too many picture of my kid and flowers. HA! Anyways, Susanna is so talented and creative and I was beyond honored to work with her on some florals and wreaths for her Thanksgiving Table Scape Photoshoot.  You all have probably started to see a lot of marsala and jewel tones in weddings and table decor due to its rising trend in rich, vibrant colors.  It’s no question that a little gold and brass can really bring out so much elegance and richness in those deep burgundy flowers, teal, and fuchsia.  Honestly, I am loving the jewel tones because it’s a new way to play with different color pallets.


I really love how Susanna pulled in muted colors in the candle sticks. She also mixed and matched the colored glasses and mixed the metals around to create a more eclectic feel.

20151114-IMG_2489I always tell all my clients to never underestimate the power of the tea light candle! The illumination is what adds to the atmosphere of the table setting and it makes everything so warm and cozy.

20151114-IMG_2544I love adding a sprig of rosemary to every table setting. It’s warm and delicious fragrance is so welcoming to the table and it immediately tickles your senses to bring out the scents of other foods on the table!

20151114-IMG_2538Those wreaths were so easy and inexpensive to make! I might be posting a DIY tutorial soon!

20151114-IMG_2468Remember when we used to think that our grandmother’s gold was tacky? Well…that vintage gold is in and silver is well….so last year! haha. Something simple like changing up your cutlery can really bring out an unique table setting. I love the dark plates that Susanna paired with the bright napkins. We always need to balance out all the bright colors with some neutrals so that they can play off of each other rather than overwhelming the eyes.

20151114-IMG_2467This mixed eucalyptus garland is everything! It has silver dollar eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, willow eucalyptus, and gunni eucalyptus. Many people think that because you see greens everywhere that it’s inexpensive to get garland, but the truth is, it’s a long process to create such a beautiful garland. So ask your local florist what the price comparison is to a centerpiece.  If it’s in your budget, I always recommend adding the greens on the table because it really pulls and adds so much texture to your table decor.

20151114-IMG_2569I love how Susanna pulled all the colors in the floral arrangement through a simple collection of throw pillows!

20151114-IMG_2458Well I hope you all were able to pull some inspiration from this photoshoot for your holiday decor!  I hope you all have a wonderful time with family this thanksgiving.  I really am so thankful for this community who have encouraged me on this floral journey.  It all started out with the need to find a way to be at home with my new baby while financially supporting our family, and this little flower business of mine truly has blossomed! You ALL are my inspiration for all my floral designs and I pull from your daily sweet words to get me through each day as a wife, mother, florist, small business owner, and human. Love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!



Be Happy. Be Floral!

Photo Credit: Kelly Fondots

Design and Styling: Susana from Sisters of 4 Corners Design

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