Jen and Chase’s Stunning Downtown Wedding at the El Cortez


Back in March, I had the honor to do an elegant San Diego Downtown wedding at the El Cortez for Jen and Chase.  I absolutely loved getting to know Jen and instantly fell in love with her upbeat and loving personality! I loved listening to her’s and Chase’s love story which helped me draw even more floral inspiration for their wedding. Hope you enjoy gazing at these wonderful pictures!

Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there and all the Mom’s to be as well!

Yesterday’s Mother’s Day was a special one for me. 
I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day! My son was born on April 28th at 4:17 PM and it was the most emotional, hardest, happiest, and beautiful moments that I ever got to experience! 

It’s been a roller coaster ride these past 2 weeks but I wouldn’t have it any other way (well…maybe except for more sleep…but even so, I am learning to cherish these moments).
Anyway, for this Mother’s Day, I am lucky enough to celebrate it with my mom. Having her live in LA and having in the past working in retail and doing flowers, I rarely get to go up to LA to visit her on this special day.  So yesterday was extra special to me to have her there by my side.  She held my hand every step of the way through heartaches and laughter and now she held my hand as I became a mother myself. So blessed. That’s all I can say.  
So my Mom loves flowers and loves arranging flowers so I thought that we could do a little Flower Arranging 101.

The final product.  
I’d say that’s pretty good for arranging on her own with a little guidance from me 🙂
My Mom’s a natural! But I guess I got it from her!
Thank You Mom for loving me and showing me Jesus through your tender and humble love. 
I am forever grateful to you.  
And to all the moms out there…I salute you! This mom business is hard.  But I’m excited to be apart of the club with you all. It’s an honor. 
Be Happy. Be Floral.