Katy and Matt: Sunny Blue Skies at the Admiral Kidd Club


I am so excited to share Katy and Matt’s gorgeous wedding! It was nothing but joy, laughter, calm nerves and bliss from the moment I dropped off Katy’s personal flowers at her sister’s home where she was getting ready.  Let me start off by telling you a little bit about Katy….

This girl is all smiles! She was so calm and relaxed at all of our meets and her sisters who were her bridesmaids wanted flower crowns to wear at her wedding and she totally said YES! I don’t get a lot of brides who let their bridesmaids stand out a little, because after all, it’s the bride’s day right? But Katy wanted to make sure her sisters enjoyed the day as much as she did.  I think that says a lot about who Katy is. And Matt…this guy is hilarious! I learned that he lived in a submarine while being deployed with the Navy. I’m a bit claustrophobic and I get seasick pretty easily so I was just amazed how anyone can live on a submarine! And it sounds so cool!! I met him at our final consultation and enjoyed hearing his opinion on a few floral decors. I rarely get to meet the groom because let’s be honest, most of them would much rather talk about sports than flowers and seeing the dollar signs that come with floral arrangements give men anxiety.  However, Matt and Katy both understood and respected my field of work and they were so easy to work with! It was a joy to “floralize” their wedding day and I hope you enjoy these pictures of their stunning wedding!


Smith_Wedding_2Aren’t Katy’s sisters so beautiful?! And I just love the flower crowns that I made on them!