Eugene and Sylvia: Brea, CA


Hi friends! Wedding season is now in full force as Spring is here and Summer is soon approaching.  I wanted to take a moment to share a recent wedding I did for Eugene and Sylvia up in Brea, CA.  I don’t take a lot of weddings up in North Orange County (being mainly based in San Diego), but when I first met Sylvia and her sister (her MOH), I immediately loved them and just had to! Sylvia is so sweet and patient and heard all of my different ideas to style and floralize her wedding day.  I love how she took in my enthusiasm, because sometimes my energy can be a bit much because I just get so excited when I talk about weddings and flowers and styling!  I love that her sister also works in the industry and was so organized in taking notes and providing me all the details I needed to make this day absolutely perfect.  Although I never really got to meet Eugene (the groom) in person, I knew he was a great guy just by how Sylvia lit up when I asked her how they met.  They both love the Lord, and have a huge community of people supporting them and judging by how big their wedding was, they have a lot of people loving on and praying for them.

I continue to be so blessed by the brides I meet.  It truly makes my floral work so easy because the love and inspiration just flows out.  Well, here are some pictures from that beautiful warm day. Enjoy!


Lofty Wedding Collection + Flower Crowns

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Last week I had the priveldge of being of apart of The Lofty Wedding Collection Spring Fling Event.  It was so much fun to meet a ton of amazing people in the wedding industry as well as future brides!  You may ask, what is the Lofty Wedding Collection, well friends, I’m here to tell you it’s your one stop shop for your wedding needs! The Lofty Wedding Collection is made of Garrett Richardson Photography, Posh Paperie, Anthology Films, and Elle Bridal Boutique owned by Krystel Tien from Couture Events. So you see, everything that you need is all there and then, you’ve got ME! FLORALS! Done! You’re set!


Check out some of the crowns that I’ve made for the sweet ladies who attended the event!