My Haus. My Life. My Flowers.


This past Monday, the 18th I turned another year older. The older I get, the more I try to figure out what I want in life and how I can be the happiest while making others happy too! Does this make me a people pleaser…ya sorta, but I’m ok with that! Do I necessarily want to always please people per say?  No, but there is a sense of joy that I receive when I can make others happy.  But on this particular day, others have blessed me and made me happy!

My friends and husband know me so well…I got lots of renunculus and let me tell you…I LOVE LOVE LOVE renunculus! So simple, delicate and beautiful.  My home is filled with beautiful life!

My sweet friend Erin put little succulents in a teacup! SO CUTE!

So another year has gone by…and another year is ahead of me.
Let’s enjoy life as God has intended and be joyful and love others!

Be happy. Be floral.

My Wedding


Something that a lot of people didn’t know about the morning my wedding except for my bridesmaids was that all of my bridesmaids bouquets DIED! YES…I said that they ALL DIED! Every bride’s nightmare (well…one of them). What did I do? I sent one of my bridesmaids to Trader Joe’s and while they were all getting their hair and makeup done and I started to make their bouquets again. Do I recommend this to all brides. Freaking NO! That’s where I come in and make sure this does NOT happen! I’m pretty sure I got a stress pimple that morning but at the end of the day I got hitched to my best friend and surprisingly people LOVED my Trader Joe’s quick make bouquet! Don’t worry, I don’t plan to replicate this incident for anyone else, but it definitely challenged my creativity!