Jenica + Kevin’s Secluded Garden Estate Wedding


My favorite part of working with florals are the varies color palettes that I get to explore.  Jenica + Kevin’s wedding was in the Fall and we used a lot of warm and moody tones to reflect the season. We kept with the gold and marsala burgundy hues, while mixing in with textural sage greens.  When I first met with Jenica, I was immediately drawn to her attention to detail. She has such a great artistic eye and I knew that we would be able to work so well together!


Half way into her wedding planning, she moved half way across the globe to Asia and so we were communicating and chatting remotely, but mostly through emails. But her vision for her wedding stayed consistent and clear.


I love that there’s an artistic edge about Jenica but yet, she kept her hair and make up as well as her wedding down very romantic and a touch of timeless classic. I love making bridal hair combs. I think that it’s such a romantic way to incorporate florals in your hair but yet it’s very versatile in however way you want to do your hair for both ceremony and reception. Often times, the comb is great in a hair do that is partially up or fully up but it’s also so beautiful off to the side with one’s hair down in some beachy waves.



The florals that we highlighted in Janica’s bouquet were carmel antikes and the beatrice garden roses for that golden hue, but to tone down the brightness of the yellow, I brought in the toffee and combo roses to ground the bright tones. The Toffee rose might be one of my favorite flowers to use! Also, to blend in the burgundy of the dutch lizianthus, I wanted to use the quicksand rose to blend the cream and the deep hues together.



Color story is so important in creating the overall palette for wedding florals. It helps tie everything together in a more seamless and effortless way. The wooden “arch” at Secluded Gardens Estate is beautiful and vintage but also very wide and large. My goal was to create a very organic climbing archway around the couple.


So when Jenica told me that she was making and sewing all the guests napkins herself with vintage fabric that she had found, I was a bit nervous but again…this girl sure knows how to bring even random patterns in a beautiful way! I love how these napkins all tied in with the color palette perfectly!! Also-she hunted down figs when they were off season! Amazing!!


Congrats Jenica and Kevin! I hope you guys are having the time of your life in Japan and I just adore you guys!




Photography: Brogen Jessup

Venue: Secluded Gardens Estate

HMU: Anchor Artistry

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