Urban Romance


This was my very first photoshoot that I helped style and creatively brainstorm the concept with. And let me tell you, it was a lot of work but totally worth it!  I met with my friends Jess from Jessica Miriam Photography and Ashley Pike (who I had the pleasure of working at Anthropologie with). A good chunk of our meetings were really just us hanging out and sharing life together but when we did start discussing ideas and concepts, we were loving all the creative juices that were spilling out of our brains!  There was a little thing called rain that tried to stomp on our photoshoot party but when you have a group of amazing vendors collaborating together, nothing can stop the greatness! I can’t wait to share these incredible photos with you!



My amazing friend Sharrah is not only beautiful on the outside, but even more stunning and beautiful on the inside. She was an absolute dream to work with!





first time making a “flower helmet” which was basically a flower crown X4




Oh…did I mention that I had to bring my 18 month old toddler on set? Unloading lots of flowers + props + child in the pouring rain in downtown San Diego was not really ideal but thanks to all the amazing people I worked with , they all made everything so easy and possible! I do have to give props to my little guy for being on such good behavior too! It’s not easy being lugged around while mom is working but he was stellar! And he also was crushing on our model, Sharrah!


I am swooning over all the rings that Nick creates! Check out all his work on HONEY.CO



Can I just say that when I win the lottery, I want to own everything that VAN DE VORT in Del Mar carries in store? Including this For Love and Lemons number!


My girl Alma is magic with hair and make up! She is seriously such a sweet and kind hearted person as well! You need to book her for your next event! She will doll you up and make it look all effortless and natural!





This shot that Jess took makes me want to daydream with flowers in my hair forever. Then cue my toddler: he just threw cherrios at my dog and at my computer screen. HA!



You ever walk into an Anthropologie store and just stop and wonder how all those amazing displays get created? No, it’s not little elves. Most likely, if you’ve gone to any of our San Diego stores, it’s usually the work of my good friend Ashley. She is the senior display coordinator for Carlsbad and we worked together at Fashion Valley as well. She created this amazing deep ocean tapestry that just adds so much life and texture to everything in this shot!











The detail on this blush wedding gown from The Dress Theory was everything! The flower appliqué was stunning and made the entire look so dreamy and whimsical!

Thank you to all the amazing vendors that collaborated with me in making this shoot incredible!

Venue: Luce Loft

Photography: Jessica Miriam Photography

Florals/Styling: Wallflower Inspiration

Floral/Styling Assisting: Green Garland Events

Wardrobe: Van De Vort

Gown: The Dress Theory

Installation Design: Ashley Renuart Pike

Wedding Bands and Rings: Honey Jewelry Co

Videography: Spark Films {Link to video footage here!}

Hair and Makeup: Kissed By AML

Model: Sharrah Robeson

Sweets: Elle’s Table & Yummy Cupcakes

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