Angela and Sam’s Vintage Travel Aviation Wedding


One of the things that I love to do is travel. So much so that I even get so excited to eat at the airport even though my husband tells me how awful and low quality airport food is because it is provided by a generic company not by the actual restaurant. I don’t care! And even the $10 chex mix (and I don’t really like chex mix) tastes so good! Does anyone get excited about the airplane food too? Like the mini peanuts and pretzels or if you’re doing an international flight, the small tv tray of food? Ha! No one? Just me? Ok, cool.


Tim & Sheena: Vintage Aviation Inspired Theme


I am so thrilled to finally be blogging about this wedding! Tim and Sheena are long time friends to my husband and I and we just love and adore them! AND we are so happy to finally see them hitched! This wedding was perfect in more ways than one, but don’t let me sway you…just see for yourself! I loved the classy color choices of navy, different metallics, and a touch of blush. Everything came together beautifully!