Keri and Scott’s Rustic Boho Wedding


Guys, where do I even begin with this couple? I’ve never been more obsessed and in love than with these two. They have an incredible love story that is filled with heart ache, redemption, faith, pure friendship and love.  I wish I could share the details of their journey but it’s not my story to tell but to tell only of their first day of their forever together in these pictures.

Krista and Chris: Rustic Outdoor Wedding at Hidden Oaks in Ramona, CA


Ever wonder how the stars are after rainy week? How the trees smell after it’s been watered by Mother Nature? Well, Krista and Chris’s very rustic wedding at the Hidden Oaks Estate in Ramona, CA allowed their guests to feel their love, smell the fresh earth and dance under the bright stars!  This couple is so sweet, funny, and energetic and it was so fun to do the florals for their wedding.  I hope you enjoy a few snippets of their beautiful day!