Jonathan and Camille: Martin Johnson House


It’s finally cooling down here in San Diego and it’s actually a very rainy day here.  I have the buckets out to catch as much rain water to save for later (because we’re in a drought and all) to use on our trees. I love working on my computer on rainy days and nothing is more fitting than sharing this wedding in La Jolla from a couple months ago when there was that torrential down pour with the full works: thunder and lightening! The thunder was so loud it set off car alarms in my neighborhood! Anyways, this was my first wedding that I’ve done where I got rained on! I was stressing for my couple that day and for my flowers too! But as I arrived at Hotel La Jolla to deliver the personal flowers, neither the bride or groom looked worried! They were so calm getting ready and they focused on what was really happening: they were about to marry the love of their life!

So I’m so excited to share this beautiful rainy wedding with you guys. And whether it rains or whatever may happen on your wedding day, just remember, that’s just a little part of the beginning in starting the rest of your life with someone you love! And in the end, you’ll laugh about it and share the stories with your kids and family and realize that there are so many elements that are out of your control, but what you can control is your outlook and perspective on that day.