Wallflower Workshop: DIY Dried Wreath

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Last month I had the pleasure of hosting my first workshop in my studio! It’s always been a dream of mine to gather women together to craft and bond and learn from each other. Every one has such an amazing story to share and we are all on this journey together, so why not grow together! And I’ve always thought life is just better when we do it together. So drawing community together through workshops was something I have been brewing for sometime.  It just gets crazy to fit it all in with a toddler, weddings and events that are already booked, and pregnancy! But luckily with all the holidays coming up, I was able to host one that was sure to get us in the festive spirit! And what better way to test out my first workshop, than on my church’s Moms Group.



Hosting a Dinner Party on a Budget

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This past weekend I hosted a dinner party that doubled as a “Sip ‘N See” for my best friend Melissa.  For those who don’t know what a “Sip ‘N See” is, it’s a little post baby shower. So you can SEE the baby while SIPPIN’ on some champagne to celebrate the momma and babe! My friend Melissa just had her third daughter, Lucia Rey and she is absolutely perfect!