Hannah and Larry’s Marsala Toned Coronado Wedding


If you ever meet Hannah, you will immediately be drawn to her personality and after 5 minutes of talking to her, you’ll feel like you’re talking to one of your best friends. All of our meetings have been twice as long because we just had so much fun talking about wedding, flowers, and life! Hannah is also a professional personal trainer/weight lifter and competes competitively. So don’t mess with her, the girl’s got guns!


Andrew and Jeanette’s Botanic Greens Wedding


What a fun wedding to be apart of when you just adore the couple as much as I adore Andrew and Jeanette! Both are coffee connoisseurs and amazing creatives! I love how they focused on a couple key pieces of their wedding to be the statement: the ceremonial arbor installation and Jeanette’s dress!

View More: http://taylorabeel.pass.us/andrew-jeanette

This has to be the biggest bridal party I’ve ever seen! But that is such a reflection of who Andrew and Jeanette are as people and how they are amazing friends and the value they put in their community. Love it!

View More: http://taylorabeel.pass.us/andrew-jeanette

View More: http://taylorabeel.pass.us/andrew-jeanette

Bevin and Allie’s Bernardo Winery Wedding


When I first met Allie, I was immediately drawn to her energy! She is just so sweet and spunky and I loved it! Later I found out that she worked for Young Life which I absolutely love! Young Life has made such an impact on so many of my friends growing up, helping them in tough situations in life.  So I admire that Allie was a Young Life leader and loved the impact that I know she made on so many lives!


Angela and Sam’s Vintage Travel Aviation Wedding


One of the things that I love to do is travel. So much so that I even get so excited to eat at the airport even though my husband tells me how awful and low quality airport food is because it is provided by a generic company not by the actual restaurant. I don’t care! And even the $10 chex mix (and I don’t really like chex mix) tastes so good! Does anyone get excited about the airplane food too? Like the mini peanuts and pretzels or if you’re doing an international flight, the small tv tray of food? Ha! No one? Just me? Ok, cool.


Raven and Alec: Winter Love


I’ve been beyond slacking on sharing these amazing weddings that I’ve been doing! It’s a combination of pregnancy lazy (I just want to sit on the couch and eat ice cream), the summer heat, and exhaustion from chasing after a toddler who just doesn’t have a stop button. Needless to say, I’m sorry! But here I am! And I’ve got to share this amazing wedding that took place at the bride’s parents’ estate. Raven is apart of a well known family here in San Diego where her family owns Hanger 94 (an action sport shop in East County San Diego) and her brother in law and dad started The Salty Crew which has blown up like crazy! Not to mention, this family is all about family, which what I admire about Raven and her family the most! They are all so close and tight knit and I love it! So when I had met with her initially for her floral consultation, I loved that her mother and sisters were all there!


I absolutely loved dreaming up this winter jewel toned palette with Raven. She wanted to keep things classy with black gowns for the bridesmaids and black tuxes for the guys. Adding pops of deep red, dusty blues, and varies tones of fuchsia pinks that brought out the rich jewel tone colors for this evening wedding. 

Katherine and Grant: Hudson Loft, DTLA


You guys! How is it already June and I’m finally getting around to sharing my winter/spring weddings? I still have so many weddings that I need to share with you all! This particular wedding at the Hudson Loft located in the heart of downtown LA is just one of my favorites!

Katherine was so fun to work with, so organized and she thought of every detail! And I mean…EVERY detail! Her artistic side really emerged through the fun citrus pops in her wedding color palette along with classy boho details down to the rugs that she walked down to meet her groom. I absolutely loved the modern vibe of a rooftop wedding overlooking the LA sky scrapers! So before I keep babbling on over all the swooning details, let me just share the amazing moments of this wedding!


There are so many good details to this wedding and I’m so happy to share them with you!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed “floralizing” this wedding!


Photography: Birds of a Feather

Coordination: Orange Blossom Special Events

Rentals: Archive Rentals

Venue: Hudson Loft, Downtown LA


Linda and Justin: Horton Grand Hotel


I’m back at it! Finally after some time away from blogging about weddings, I have a good one to share! This year already has been so incredible working with creative brides who have a great vision but also trusting my work to deliver their vision for their amazing day!

Linda and Justin are such a sweet couple and it was such a pleasure meeting with them and dreaming up their wedding day! I loved their venue in the heart of downtown San Diego in an old historic hotel. The bricks and court yard along with the stormy clouds mixed with the twinkle lights all paired for the most perfect ambiance for this intimate wedding.





From her dress to her ring to her style…Linda is a pure classic and timeless lady through and through!

The Village Magazine Dinner


You guys! Family style dinner is my favorite. There’s something about breaking bread and sharing a good conversation with new and old friends that just warms my soul. Family dinners to me is such an intimate form of quality time spent amongst loved ones. I can’t wait for my son to be a little bit older where the chaos of feeding a toddler is a season of the past and cultivating fun and stimulating conversations is created.

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it’s all in the details.


Katie and Dan: Love is the best Adventure


Katie and I go way back to our high school days of playing basketball, joining Youth and Government at our local YMCA, and her getting me to recycle more for her Green Club that she was head of.

Katie has always loved adventure. She loves to have fun. She is creative and crafty. She loves the outdoors. She loves the true meaning of organic. Although she’s not a crazy hippie, she probably has hugged a few trees. Katie truly cares for the environment (as I write this, I’m feeling convicted that I didn’t sort out my recycling…). She loves a good pint of craft beer over a great conversation. But lastly, she loves to love. So we created a wedding that brought in all these elements of who she is and who Dan is.

To say that Katie and Dan thought of every detail of their wedding is an understatement. And to also say that Katie is the best kind of DIY bride is also an understatement. I can’t even begin to describe it all so I’m just gonna let these awesome pictures do all the talking…

(Disclaimer: I included a lot of pictures of non-flowers as well because the details of their wedding is just THAT GOOD!!)


I really tried to embody an earthy bouquet that was filled with rich colors but unique flowers to also represent Katie’s personality

Urban Romance


This was my very first photoshoot that I helped style and creatively brainstorm the concept with. And let me tell you, it was a lot of work but totally worth it!  I met with my friends Jess from Jessica Miriam Photography and Ashley Pike (who I had the pleasure of working at Anthropologie with). A good chunk of our meetings were really just us hanging out and sharing life together but when we did start discussing ideas and concepts, we were loving all the creative juices that were spilling out of our brains!  There was a little thing called rain that tried to stomp on our photoshoot party but when you have a group of amazing vendors collaborating together, nothing can stop the greatness! I can’t wait to share these incredible photos with you!