Gather the Makers: Makers Meet on State Street


You guys!! I am beyond excited…no…STOKED to share this special dinner event with you.  I was asked to do florals for a very special dinner event and to collaborate with the incredibly talented Farra from Hostess Haven and let me tell you, it was a dream come true!

Since I’m no writer, I’m just gonna copy and paste what the Village Magazine wrote about this event, because it couldn’t have been said better:

“The vision was clear. Makers, doers, shakers; originators and artists of all kinds, side by side in a moment to celebrate and spread brand integrity and authenticity.  This is Gather the Makers.

[…] We shared a table with the most inspirational and wonderful people.  It never ceases to amaze me and warm my heart to watch a room shift and the warmth change when people are honest and open and willing to share their heart.

Thank you to all of you beautiful Makers who came […], and to everyone who made such a lovely night happen.”

Not your Average Baby Store

Not your Average Baby Store



Andrea’s Stylish Maternity, Del Mar-San Diego

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Friends! I am so excited to finally share Andrea Van de Vort’s beautiful maternity pictures.  Andrea is a good friend of mine and so when she told me she was pregnant soon after I had Ben I was beyond the moon! She asked me to create a beautiful boho tropical flower crown for her shoot and of course I named it the ‘island goddess’ which was so fitting for her. I had to wait to share a full post on her shoot because we had found out that a big blog: Inspire by This wanted to feature Andrea! So finally I now get to share these amazing photos! These photos are unreal! My favorite is how every single one of these pictures look like they should come right out of a magazine! Stunning! I hope you find them as captivating and beautiful as I did!

Ben’s First Birthday: A Backyard Adventure!!

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I am so excited to share with you the first birthday party that I threw for my son! I feel like this is the party that every mom dreams of the day their firstborn enters into the world.  I’m not going to lie…I went above and beyond while trying to do a lot of DIY and trying to stay within a budget (after all, I’m throwing a party for a one year old who won’t even remember or appreciate this AND we’re not made of money). I did months of planning and crafting and figuring out how to cut costs but not sacrifice the style and look of the party. All in all, this was exhausting friends! I think for my next kid’s first birthday party, I might just get Little Caesar’s take out pizza and slap on a movie and just call it a day! But I really am so excited to share with you all the crafts that I did and if this helps you in your party planning than that makes what I did worth it even more!  Hope you have as much fun looking at these pictures as we did at the party!!

This handmade teepee was a pride and joy of a creation of me and my husband. I love that he was able to put all those tools in his garage into good use and built this magnificent 10 foot teepee.  To buy a dowel this thick at Home Depot was $10 a piece and to build this teepee would have cost us well over $80 so he thought of taking some 4 x 6s and cutting this into the width he wanted and took his round router bit to make it round all around. And of course I had to top it off with a floral garland that lasted a week!!

This handmade teepee was a pride and joy of a creation of me and my husband. I love that he was able to put all those tools in his garage into good use and built this magnificent 10 foot teepee. To buy a dowel this thick at Home Depot was $10 a piece and to build this teepee would have cost us well over $80 so he thought of taking some 4 x 6s and cutting this into the width he wanted and took his round router bit to make it round all around. And of course I had to top it off with a floral garland that lasted a week!!

Motherhood is…

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Last year I was so privileged to have experienced my first Mother’s Day.  Since then, it’s been quite the journey.  Motherhood has been redefined to me differently as I go through different stages of growth as a parent and watching my son go through his different stages of development this past year. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and I am so grateful for every moment of it. I have to say that Motherhood has changed me for the better.  It has taught me how to be a better daughter to my own mother, wife to my husband, and friend to my friends. It has given me a compassion that I’ve never felt before and I can only say it is a small glimpse of Christ’s compassion and love for us. Motherhood has helped me understand Grace in a whole other level. Motherhood.


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I wanted to share a few of my friends who I happened to do beautiful flower crowns for but really I wanted to feature them because I look up to them as mothers.  There’s a ton of other moms out there that I look up to and I wish I can feature them ALL but for now, here are 5 ladies that are remarkable and who find the time to balance their work/mom life to always put their children, husbands and Jesus in the center of their lives.  I feel so honored to be a part of their precious pictures through these floral crowns. Although these women don’t know each other, what they all have in common is motherhood. They understand the pain, the joy, the worry, the love of a parent. So I asked them all a simple question of what motherhood meant to them. As I read each one’s answers it brought silent tears.  Because I understand.  I get it. But also because their love for their cubs are so fierce and pure. 

Lofty Wedding Collection + Flower Crowns

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Last week I had the priveldge of being of apart of The Lofty Wedding Collection Spring Fling Event.  It was so much fun to meet a ton of amazing people in the wedding industry as well as future brides!  You may ask, what is the Lofty Wedding Collection, well friends, I’m here to tell you it’s your one stop shop for your wedding needs! The Lofty Wedding Collection is made of Garrett Richardson Photography, Posh Paperie, Anthology Films, and Elle Bridal Boutique owned by Krystel Tien from Couture Events. So you see, everything that you need is all there and then, you’ve got ME! FLORALS! Done! You’re set!


Check out some of the crowns that I’ve made for the sweet ladies who attended the event!

Tis the Season to Give: Children of the Nations


A couple of months ago I had the honor to help design the centerpieces and stage area for a non-profit benefit dinner and fundraiser for Children of the Nations.  In the process of designing and putting together the pieces for this event, I was also educated on what this organization does.  COTNI (Children of the Nations International) partners with different country’s nationals to help provide care for the orphan and destitute children. It really is amazing what they do! There are so many children in need and in this Christmas season, I encourage us all to find ways to give back.  As a mother now, helping children in need has a whole new meaning.  Anyway, please check out their site if you feel the urge to help or donate: Children of the Nations








Thank you COTNI for allowing me to be apart of this special night!




Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there and all the Mom’s to be as well!

Yesterday’s Mother’s Day was a special one for me. 
I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day! My son was born on April 28th at 4:17 PM and it was the most emotional, hardest, happiest, and beautiful moments that I ever got to experience! 

It’s been a roller coaster ride these past 2 weeks but I wouldn’t have it any other way (well…maybe except for more sleep…but even so, I am learning to cherish these moments).
Anyway, for this Mother’s Day, I am lucky enough to celebrate it with my mom. Having her live in LA and having in the past working in retail and doing flowers, I rarely get to go up to LA to visit her on this special day.  So yesterday was extra special to me to have her there by my side.  She held my hand every step of the way through heartaches and laughter and now she held my hand as I became a mother myself. So blessed. That’s all I can say.  
So my Mom loves flowers and loves arranging flowers so I thought that we could do a little Flower Arranging 101.

The final product.  
I’d say that’s pretty good for arranging on her own with a little guidance from me 🙂
My Mom’s a natural! But I guess I got it from her!
Thank You Mom for loving me and showing me Jesus through your tender and humble love. 
I am forever grateful to you.  
And to all the moms out there…I salute you! This mom business is hard.  But I’m excited to be apart of the club with you all. It’s an honor. 
Be Happy. Be Floral.

The Wallflower Inspiration

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Wallflower Inspiration.  Who doesn’t like flowers? Unless if you’re allergic (I’m sorry, that sucks). Even then, when you’re feeling sad, lonely or congratulating someone or even wishing someone well we give flowers.

Just imagine that you are getting married and you see all these incredible floral arrangements and bouquets in bridal magazines, Pinterest, wedding blogs etc. but you are on a budget. How can you have it all but at the same time not feel like you are sacrificing pieces of your wedding just to have pretty flowers? We all know that a simple selection of flowers can brighten up an event or set any mood and having the right arrangement can get pricey.  So…how can we have it all without settling for anything less? That’s easy, call me.  No really, I’m here to help! It all started with my friend Cynthia’s wedding and then a few friends here and there just to help out and then it came to my own and I realized how expensive beautiful arrangements can get and I was on a tight budget! After all, you don’t want to start off your marriage in debt just trying to pay off the first day of your new life.  Save a few Benjamin’s and spend it on your honeymoon! I have been doing flowers since 2009 and realized how much I loved it! I love the challenge, being creative, and ultimately blessing people. 
Bottom line: I get it. I get how these events are important and momentous and don’t let the money sign $$$ get you down.  I would be happy to meet with you and chat over coffee (or cupcakes/donuts) and see how I can contribute to your BIG DAY!