Friendsgiving in Ojai

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Friends + Thanksgiving.



Last November, my family and I spent a week with our close friends in a magical house in Ojai before the big Ventura fires took it away. But I’m grateful for the memories and these incredible pictures that Todd Pinckney took.

I look back on our trip to Ojai with friends and I feel so much gratitude towards them for their friendship and their faith and support in me and my family. For most of them, we’ve been doing life together for over 12 years and now growing families together is just so special to witness. God has created us to desire relationships and crave community and to have one like mine is just gold.


That meal, that day, that trip, that place, is as magical as it looks in these pictures.  My favorite part about vacationing with friends is that you are forced to share personal space thus really getting to know the people you are with. My friend Jess and Rebecca were the first ones to introduce me to the Ennegram 9 personality types and if you’re not familiar with it, I highly recommend looking into it! It’s such a useful tool in learning about the people you love so that you can love on them the way they need to be loved, and understand them in the way they feel seen and known. For the most part, we all know each others Ennegram numbers and I find it so useful in understanding my friends and family deeply.


Guys! How cute are my friends?! I love these people so much!  Not pictured here are the incredible hosts and photographer of the week: Jess and Todd Pinckney.   Since then,  we’ve added 5 more babies to the mix! Dang!


This was the day that all the dudes took the kids so us ladies could spend the afternoon at the Ojai Valley Inn Spa. It was AMAZING!


Fall is always the time when wedding season starts to slow down a little for me and the excitement of the holiday season begins. I really have to fight the urge to put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  Recently, I’ve been trying to create more margin of time for my family. Balancing all the hats that I wear as a mother of two little boys, wife, business owner, daughter, sister, friend….life kinda gets hectic. But as the season allows us to slow down and reflect, I am able to soak in the blessings and my family.  I pray that you are able to do the same. There is always a season for everything: a season to hustle and a season to rest. I hope that this upcoming holiday season, simplicity and peace follows you so that you too can soak in the blessings you already have.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Photography by: Todd James Photography

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