Jane and Justin’s Franciscan Garden Wedding


As this holiday season is quickly approaching us and wedding season is slowing down, I love using this time to reflect on all the amazing clients I got to work with and weddings I got to be a part of through florals. It’s truly amazing how faithful God has been in this little flower journey of mine. Through this, I am blown away by all the incredible people that has been put in my path. I’m just grateful. So very grateful. And this wedding is one of them.


Jane and Justin’s wedding was back in March at the Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano. The color palette we went with was an earthy spring tone. Lots of muted and soft citrus and blush. We wanted to give it a very romantic spring vibe.

The florals that I used were these incredible brown sweet peas that are grown in limited bunches and for a very short season. That brown sweet pea grounded all the brighter tones like the whites and cream and peaches. My favorite that I used were the varies golden and rust colored butterfly ranunculus that gave it that very wispy and delicate feel. I was careful to not use eucalyptus because I wanted a richer green to be the foliage in the arrangements and bouquets so we went with huckleberry and southern smilax.

My favorite is definitely that ramen bar! Can’t go wrong with some comfort food! Davina Kim, the coordinator for this wedding and her team did a great job working with Jane in creating such a beautiful evening. Alysha Miller, the photographer did some epic personals and bridal shots at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. I love all the antique tones and rustic ruins that truly complemented the wedding gown and florals.

Congrats Jane and Justin!! I hope your first year of marriage so far has been filled with so much bliss and joyful memories! You guys are just picturesque!



Photography: Alysha Miller Photorgaphy

Venue: Franciscan Gardens, San Juan Capistrano

Planning/Coordination: Made by Davina Kim

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