Francine and Rey’s Modern Clean Minimalist Wedding at the Brick, Liberty Station


Are you guys ready for this? Francine and Rey’s romantic modern minimalistic wedding is nothing short of details, lots of planning and clean lines. Francine, who has impeccable taste and style planned out every incredible detail of this wedding. When it comes to florals to weddings, I’m usually “go big or go home” but in this case, less was definitely more!

The color palette of this wedding was textured greens such a varies eucalyptus types and clean crisp white blooms such as ranunculus, creamy majolicas, veronicas, hellebores and more!

Rey and his son getting ready together just tugged at my heart. They looked so dapper and handsome! And I can’t get over that perfect red lip for Francine!

The details for the guests to see were also items that Francine curated from her home.

The wedding held 400 of their loved ones.

We illuminated the place with over 200 candles that softened the industrial feel of the bricks and marble tile details.

Congrats Francine and Rey! To kick of my 30th birthday, your wedding was the one to do and for the books! So much love for your little family!


XOXO Esther


Photographer: MeiWen Wang

Venue: Brick SD, Liberty Station-Point Loma


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