Jess and Todd’s Lush Green Wedding at the Darlington House, La Jolla


Honestly, I can’t believe it took me this long to share this incredible wedding with you from July 2016. The couple is near and dear to my heart, as I’ve known Jess (the bride) for over 10 years! Both the couple are visionaries and creatives.  Todd is an amazing photographer from Chicago and obviously moved out here for Jess; but the weather, food and the people ain’t so bad either huh? And Jess is a videographer, director, and producer and the hot/cool teacher at a private school in Rancho Santa Fe that all the boys pretty much have a crush on. I’m sure of it.


Jess and Todd met while working on a documentary film together, traveling the Camino de Santiago following a man who has stage IV cancer and who dreamt of doing this walk. In the midst of producing this film, Jess and Todd got to know each other and obviously fell in love….and well…the rest is history and here’s the proof!

The rings and necklace is designed by a good friend of ours: Honey Jewelry Co. I love that this ring is a grey diamond surrounded by pave diamonds! So different and stunning!

This bouquet created by my good friend Mijanne (also Nick/Honey Jewelry Co’s beautiful wife) who you’ve probably have seen working with me on all my weddings and also the Maid of Honor of this wedding really killed it! She helped Jess style her wedding and I just love the green and cream simplicity! I mean, it’s just so good, I had to share!

Who doesn’t love babes in a crown?


This 24 ft long head table took me over 2 hours to install and construct all the greens. I layered over 4 types of eucalyptus, hanging amaranthus, pepper tree greens, 3 different kinds of vines, foraged ferns, mixed with air plants, roses, and proteas. The wooden structure attached to the tables were custom built by Mijanne’s dad! Needless to say, the entire wedding was a labor of love by friends and family; and a testament to what great people Jess and Todd are!

Green on Green on Green!

Flower combs have been my favorite accessory to make for brides and bridesmaids lately. I feel that your hair style options are endless with combs and so easy to style!

Congrats again Jess and Todd! It was a fun and exciting wedding to be apart of and to attend to! You guys are more than perfect together! Love you both!



Photography: Stoffer Photography

Jewelry: Honey Jewelry Co

Coordination: Weddings by Lisa Nicole

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