Kirby and Katie Wed at the Secluded Garden Estate, Temecula


I’ve taken a little break from blogging my weddings from last year, but I’m back at it now! As most of you know, I just welcomed my second son right before Christmas and now that we are all starting to adjust to being a family of 4, I am ready to dive into my 2017 weddings! So far in this winter, it’s been pretty rainy but I’ve been loving it.  I have a fire started, my oldest has his line of garbage trucks in a row and my littlest is napping like a champ, which give me some time to just day dream of the amazing weddings I was able to be apart of last year.  I couldn’t be more blessed to be doing something that I love, all the while being at home with my children. Being a full time stay at home mom while running a small business full time comes with its challenges (i.e.: I answer calls in my closet/bathroom to keep my clients from hearing my screaming kids or Daniel Tiger/Thomas the Train that is blasting in the background) but it’s all so worth it because I get to meet amazing couples like Kirby and Katie!


Kirby is my friend’s younger brother and also a really good friend of an amazing photographer that I just love to work with in the industry who just so happened to be a groomsmen and the photographer (along with his team) for this wedding! When I first met Kirby and Katie, I basically just fell in love with them! I loved just how easy going, fun, and truly genuine they were.  It was easy to embody the couple’s personality into the wedding. I think you’ll see the soft, fun, casual, vibrant, and romantic elements in the style of this wedding that reflect who Katie and Kirby are. Speaking of romantic, Kirby popped the question and serenaded Katie on an airplane mid air over the speaker in front of the whole plane! I mean, come on! It’s just like the movies! When I heard about this, I watched the video like a dozen times crying!

This ceremony arbor is one of my favorites! We draped and layered varies types of eucalyptus with larkspur and snapdragons along with vines and ranges of roses, peonies, and ranunculus. I loved that the couple wanted to bring in some darker jewel tone hues (purple and burgundy) to bring a pop in the soft muted tones in the roses and greenery. That way, the texture in the muted roses weren’t lost and really stood out!


All around the wooden structure that Katie and Kirby got married in, we hung bunches of hand tied dried lavender to give it a slightly enclosed, cozy feeling.

For Katie’s bridal bouquet, we didn’t want it to be a traditional tight bouquet. We wanted it to be eclectic with a tough of organic elements where it felt like she just grabbed a handful of flowers from field; thus keeping the stems longer and placing the tall larkspur sporadically while carefully filling it will garden roses, eucalyptus and that statement peony!

I love this intimate moment shared with Kirby and his groomsmen who all prayed over him and for his bride. And obviously had to include a picture of my friend Kelly (Kirby’s sister) and her ridiculous beautiful kiddos because I mean…look at them! Could her kids (also in the wedding) be any cuter?


Kirby and Katie, thanks for letting me grace your day with flowers! You guys are just perfect! Lots of love and blessings for your marriage!




Photography: Garrett Richardson

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