Jen and Kiel’s Palm Springs Wedding at Cree Estate


This wedding gave me all the feels! Call it my 30 week pregnancy hormones in 90 degree heat at the time, but no really, this wedding was STUNNING in every way! Jen, the bride, had thought of every detail and it was utter perfection!


From Jen’s dress to the color palette to the venue, I couldn’t have dreamt for a dreamier backdrop for vows to be exchanged!

Also, can we talk about the giant coral charm peonies that I was able to snag off season? They totally stole the show, huh?

More and more my clients have been asking for floral combs.  I love how elegant the comb can be and it’s so versatile with whatever hair style/veil or no veil you choose for your big day!

I am such a sucker for anything gold rimmed! And that canoe full of drinks! YES PLEASE!


Congrats again Jen and Kiel! You guys are more than perfect for each other and together!



Photography: Briana Nolan 

Rentals: Planks and Patina

Venue: Cree Estate, Palm Springs

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