Hannah and Larry’s Marsala Toned Coronado Wedding


If you ever meet Hannah, you will immediately be drawn to her personality and after 5 minutes of talking to her, you’ll feel like you’re talking to one of your best friends. All of our meetings have been twice as long because we just had so much fun talking about wedding, flowers, and life! Hannah is also a professional personal trainer/weight lifter and competes competitively. So don’t mess with her, the girl’s got guns!

Hannah and I had fun dreaming up different styles for her wedding and settled on a deeper color palette for her wedding colors, all the while incorporating some softer colors like dusty mint and dusty rose to pair with the marsala and burgundy.

Hannah and Larry got married during the peak of peony season so I was fortunate enough to get some “hard to get by” burgundy charm peony for Hannah’s bouquet. I also added in chocolate cosmos, chocolate queen anne’s lace, burgundy dahlias, and dark red spray roses  to bring out those deep jewel tones.



Congrats Hannah and Larry! Hope you guys are enjoying the windy city! San Diego isn’t the same without you!



Photography: Jessica Miriam Photography 

Venue: Coronado Community Center

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