Katie and Dan: Love is the best Adventure


Katie and I go way back to our high school days of playing basketball, joining Youth and Government at our local YMCA, and her getting me to recycle more for her Green Club that she was head of.

Katie has always loved adventure. She loves to have fun. She is creative and crafty. She loves the outdoors. She loves the true meaning of organic. Although she’s not a crazy hippie, she probably has hugged a few trees. Katie truly cares for the environment (as I write this, I’m feeling convicted that I didn’t sort out my recycling…). She loves a good pint of craft beer over a great conversation. But lastly, she loves to love. So we created a wedding that brought in all these elements of who she is and who Dan is.

To say that Katie and Dan thought of every detail of their wedding is an understatement. And to also say that Katie is the best kind of DIY bride is also an understatement. I can’t even begin to describe it all so I’m just gonna let these awesome pictures do all the talking…

(Disclaimer: I included a lot of pictures of non-flowers as well because the details of their wedding is just THAT GOOD!!)


I really tried to embody an earthy bouquet that was filled with rich colors but unique flowers to also represent Katie’s personality


Even their wedding rings and bands are made of wood! Which is also perfect for Katie because she has a metal allergy!


Dan’s love for craft beer brought the idea of putting beer hops in the boutonnieres!


Everything in this wedding was a collaborative effort on behalf of both Dan and Katie’s families. Dan’s brother did all the sound system and lighting for the wedding. Katie’s dad is an artist himself and does graphic designs as well as printing and created all the signs for the wedding. It truly brought out the essence of the theme.




How amazing is this idea? Instead of a guest book, Katie and Dan got a piece of wood for all their guests to sign and then to turn into a coffee table! What an incredible wedding keepsake!





When Katie used to live in San Diego, she had worked for Adventure 16 and had borrowed some of their vintage camping equipment to create a fun cocktail loft area. Also, they saved hundreds dollars by making their own Photo Booth area with an iPad + tripod! BRILLIANT!





The couple made a piñata to break open on their anniversary! It is filled with positive marriage sayings and advice along with warm wishes for the new couple!

Dan’s father played in both the ceremony and the reception with his band. The music was so fun and lively! And at the end, Katie and Dan prepared a song for their guests.  She had been practicing and learning how to play the banjo. I mean…come on! A bride in a gorgeous BHLDN dress playing the banjo with no fear for their family and friends! EPIC!!!



Katie had a friend that sliced all the wood slabs for them from an actual tree trunk! And you see all those Stone Beer bottle candle votives? Yep, you guessed it! Katie bought a glass cutter and made all those votives!



I truly hope you all enjoyed looking at this immensely creative wedding as much as I enjoyed doing all the florals for her wedding + attending this fun party!

I wish lots of happiness and joy and adventures to my friends Katie and Dan!! Here’s to many more epic mountains to climb together!



Photography: Imagery With Impact

Venue: Marina Village

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