Andrea’s Stylish Maternity, Del Mar-San Diego

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Friends! I am so excited to finally share Andrea Van de Vort’s beautiful maternity pictures.  Andrea is a good friend of mine and so when she told me she was pregnant soon after I had Ben I was beyond the moon! She asked me to create a beautiful boho tropical flower crown for her shoot and of course I named it the ‘island goddess’ which was so fitting for her. I had to wait to share a full post on her shoot because we had found out that a big blog: Inspire by This wanted to feature Andrea! So finally I now get to share these amazing photos! These photos are unreal! My favorite is how every single one of these pictures look like they should come right out of a magazine! Stunning! I hope you find them as captivating and beautiful as I did!

If you wanted to see more photos and different looks that Andrea and her photographer Jessica did, I encourage you to check out the feature on Inspired By This (just click on the link) because these pictures are insanely gorgeous!

Big thanks to Jessica Davis Photography and Kissed by Alma Mae (for hair and make up) and although you can’t get Andrea’s dress now (sold out!) she does own a very trendy and stylish boho boutique called Van de Vort in Flower Hill Del Mar! So if you’re near by, pop in and say hi and get your shop on! Guarantee that you’ll find something!!

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