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Last year I was so privileged to have experienced my first Mother’s Day.  Since then, it’s been quite the journey.  Motherhood has been redefined to me differently as I go through different stages of growth as a parent and watching my son go through his different stages of development this past year. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and I am so grateful for every moment of it. I have to say that Motherhood has changed me for the better.  It has taught me how to be a better daughter to my own mother, wife to my husband, and friend to my friends. It has given me a compassion that I’ve never felt before and I can only say it is a small glimpse of Christ’s compassion and love for us. Motherhood has helped me understand Grace in a whole other level. Motherhood.


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I wanted to share a few of my friends who I happened to do beautiful flower crowns for but really I wanted to feature them because I look up to them as mothers.  There’s a ton of other moms out there that I look up to and I wish I can feature them ALL but for now, here are 5 ladies that are remarkable and who find the time to balance their work/mom life to always put their children, husbands and Jesus in the center of their lives.  I feel so honored to be a part of their precious pictures through these floral crowns. Although these women don’t know each other, what they all have in common is motherhood. They understand the pain, the joy, the worry, the love of a parent. So I asked them all a simple question of what motherhood meant to them. As I read each one’s answers it brought silent tears.  Because I understand.  I get it. But also because their love for their cubs are so fierce and pure.

Andrea Van De Vort.

Andrea is the owner of the wildly popular high end boho boutique in Del Mar called VAN DE VORT. She is an incredible friend to me and I am so happy to see her experience Mother’s Day for the first time this year!! Her sweet baby boy was just born less than 2 months ago! Her words on Motherhood were:

“Motherhood to me is the absolute deepest love possible. It’s an overwhelming feeling of a thousand emotions at once – joy, worry, angst. It’s the hardest job, but the most rewarding job. It’s selflessness at its finest. It’s love at first sight, and ever-lasting love. Motherhood is the greatest gift.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Jessica Davis Photography



Jen Tipton.


Last year I had the honor to do florals for Jen’s classy downtown wedding at the El Cortez.  Since then we’ve kept in touch and have grown to be friends and I’m honored that we are doing motherhood together.  She is now a mother to a sweet baby girl Isla and has an incredible blog called the Homemade Handbook that I go to often for recipes and guides to a more organic way of living. Here are her words on motherhood:

“Being a mother. The greatest and most exhausting gift The Lord has ever given to me. Being a mother has changed me. Being a mother has made me strong. Most importantly, being a mother has taught me what unconditional love & grace are. When I look at a person I no longer just see a person I see someone’s child. Someone loves this person as much as I love my daughter, whether it’s their Heavenly Father or Earthy. This person is loved. And despite worldly sins and preconceived notion, I or anyone else has of this person, they are someone’s child, and they are loved. Deeply. Being a mother has taught me what love really is. Being a mother has humbled me and has shown me how Jesus looks at all of us. Unconditional love.  It’s so good.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Jessica Miriam Photography



Airiel Lane.


Airiel is a mother to Margaux and expecting her second, a son! Her family owns Hanger 94, the surf/skate/action shop out in East County, San Diego and her husband’s family owns Fastlane Sailing & Kayaking by Mission Bay and they also started The Salty Crew.  Needless to say, Airiel and her family are entrepreneurs but they always put family first.  And she epitomizes this in the way she loves on her daughter.  Her words on motherhood are: “I always thought before becoming a mom that there would be this “Im the mom your the child, im in charge” kind of feeling towards my children. That there would be this knowing feeling of how to discipline or “parent” your child I was completely wrong about that, All I feel is pure love for my daughter, Shes my little buddy that never leaves my side. Any kind of discipline/parenting that does happen (because lets be honest shes a feisty almost two year old) comes from a deep love for her. Love from wanting the best for my child. I wouldnt be the mom that I am if it weren’t for the mothers who have changed my life. My mom showing me that you can be a mom and a best friend all wrapped up in one person. My mother in Law who showed me how to raise your children in love through God and faith.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Acres of Hope Photography

Lastly…Airiel shared some words on a mother who has made an impact on the San Diego community. This mother lost her daughter from a long battle to cancer and this will be her first mother’s day without her Kylie but that doesn’t change the fact that she is still a mother. Bree Rowland is the definition of  courage, faith in God and love through her brokenness in this loss. Here are some of Airiel’s kind words about Bree and I concur wholeheartedly: “someone who deserves more recognition then any mother on this mothers day Bree rowand. I dont know her personally and it feels a bit awkward stating that she has shown me how to be a mother but I owe her so much. If you dont know her story you must visit . She lost her baby girl this year to cancer and I was one of thousands who followed her and her daughters rough journey through it. She showed me how to love my daughter deeper then anyone ever has. Instead of being annoyed or angry when margaux is throwing a temper tantrum I can look at my daughter and love that tantrum because I get to have my daughter here on earth and watch her get angry, tiered, or hungry and cry those tears. I can now look at the worst days and say thank you Lord for this healthy little girl. Last but not least my Husband. The fact that he shows his trust in me to be the mother of his children makes me want to be the best mom and wife I can be. Motherhood has shown me a deeper love for my husband and I thank God every day for that.”



Jackie Wonders.


Jackie Wonders is an incredibly talented photographer. You’ve probably seen her work everywhere didn’t even know it was her because she does a lot of editorial work as well as shooting beautiful weddings! I was so honored to have her capture my expecting pictures last year before I had Ben.  Jackie is a mother to two beautiful little blondes and is now expecting her third…a son! Her words on motherhood:

“Motherhood to me is selflessness. It is seeing my children the way God sees them. It is serving someone else before myself. It is experiencing pure elated joy and frustration like no other AT THE SAME TIME 🙂 Motherhood is seeing a version of yourself in someone else and trying to help mold and shape that someone to be better than you could ever be in this life. Motherhood is showing my children the character and integrity of Jesus in how I live and treat others- though it will not be perfect. It’s understanding that I can always be learning from them and should be able to say I’m sorry sometimes. It’s humbling, magnificent, rewarding and so fulfilling. Being a mother has been, and will always be, my life’s greatest accomplishment.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Megan Guerrero



Melissa Perea.


Melissa is a mother to two amazing little girls and is expecting her third girl in a couple more months! She is an amazing writer and cook (follow her foodie instagram @Goodfood_uglykitchen). She published her first book, Seeds of Hate, on the same day as the birth of her second daughter almost 2 years ago and is working on her second novel. It’s so good! Her blog, Motherhood Isn’t is raw, honest, and full of insight.  I love her words on her journey as a mother and now embarking on a new chapter with 3 girls and what that means to her and her husband. Her words on motherhood are: “There’s this quote by J.D. Salinger that says, “Mothers are all slightly insane.” The first time I read it I just felt honest truth in the statement. Some moms might be offended. Others confused. But I–I just accepted it. And it felt good. I have moments where the love for my children overflows like a broken fire hydrant: its outpour fierce and uncontainable. And then two seconds later I’m wanting to put a for sale sign on them and stick them out in the front yard. It’s an emotional gamut raising little human beings and trying your hardest to not mess it up. In fact, there isn’t a single day where I don’t feel even a little bit insane. But, on the same hand, there isn’t a single day where I don’t thank God for giving me them. I love them so much. It’s a deep aching love–the kind that makes you crazy.”


Thank you so much to my friends who have shared.  I am grateful for you all.  And for those who wanted to order a custom floral crown for your photo shoot or just to frolic around in, don’t hesitate to email me:

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! 

Be Happy. Be Floral. 


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