Sneak Peak….

Happy Wednesday everyone! Half way through the week! Before you know it, the weekend will be here so keep on keeping on.  This past week was a hot one here in San Diego and Orange County.  Luckily I have a cool studio to work from and to store my flowers.  Anyways, I wanted to share a few photos that I took from my iPhone that I’m sure I’ll be blogging with actual pro pictures soon! ENJOY!!!

Wedding 1: Linda Vista, SD
The cool thing about using the beer bottles as centerpieces was that the bride and groom are home brewers! I love doing centerpieces and floral pieces that really connect to the couple’s story and personality.
Bridal Bouquet
Wedding 2: Laguna Hills, OC
Crossline Community Church, OC
Close Up on the Alter Pieces.
Flowers for DAYS! LOVE IT!!
Close up on that gorgeous Campanella Peach Garden Rose
Bridal Bouquet
I hope you have a great weekend! It’s suppose to be another hot one! Hit up the beach while you can and soak up those rays!
Be Happy.  Be Floral.

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