Thank You!


I am honestly blown away by everyone’s kind words!

This past weekend I just got a notification from Wedding Wire (which by the way I just signed up with) that I got some amazing reviews already! You have to understand that I started creating floral arrangements and creating this floral business based on a leap of faith that God would allow me to do something that I passionately love while being at home with my new baby. Taking a leap of faith like this was challenging because I had to trust God that He would bring amazing brides to me and He did just that! I’ve met some incredible women and heard their beautiful love stories with their soon to be husbands.  I love sitting down and having coffee while getting to know these brides and sharing in their excitement! This is seriously a great honor and a huge joy! And now to receive this email with these amazing words of encouragements mean so much to me.  

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So I want to take this moment to say thank you.
Thank you to you all who have encouraged me; whether its through social media and commenting on a picture, or telling me in person, or telling another bride about me, or leaving these kind words on Wedding Wire…I am seriously blown away.
So thank you. 
Thank you. 

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